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Stress Releaser Massage Oil– 100ml

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Product in General 

Stress releaser massage oil is made naturally with stress management qualities, eliminating artificial ingredients. Pure and distinctive herbs are added to serve quality oils. The addition of Lavender contributes to skin-friendliness and infuses the natural aroma. Be it under any type of pressure; you can easily relax with the distinctive fragrance and stress management qualities of this oil.

Moreover, it comes in mobile and portable packaging, making it easy to carry along with you while you’re traveling, enjoying a trip, or facing a hectic meeting schedule.

Above all, it’s handmade, natural, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly.

Ingredients and Their Benefits

The Holistic Healings Stress Releaser massage oil contains Lavender Essential Oil and Sesame Oil. The lavender essential oil can be used to manage stress and anxiety levels. On the other hand, sesame oil has its key benefits like relieving pain and reducing inflammation, and also skin friendly. The combination is well balanced for best results while used in a variety of ways like gently massage on your body, by adding a few drops into the bathtub, and applying on the forehead, joints, and muscles of arms or legs.

Key Features

Made from Natural Essential Oils: The massage oil contains Sesame oil and Lavender essential oil. The oil is obtained naturally to keep you one step closer to nature. Regular massage smoothens the muscles, promotes better sleep, and relaxes the body. The combination is perfect for making you feel light and enhancing sleep quality. 

Manage Stress and Anxiety: Lavender eliminates the typical smell of oils, due to which many people avoid using oils. Moreover, a massage with a palmful of the stress releaser massage oil may help in relaxing the mind and managing anxiety levels.

Topical Application: The unique blend of lavender and sesame oil is effective to reduce pain when used topically. Some studies have shown that the massage with Sesame oil helped to reduce arm and leg pain. For better results, apply it over the affected body part and leave it for some time.

How to Use: Apply a few drops on your hand and rub your hands together to warm the oil a bit, and then gently massage all over your body for soothing and relaxing sensations. Don’t cover your hands with any plastic sheet while applying, as your hands cannot soak the oil. 

Handmade, Cruelty-Free, and Eco-Friendly: The product is handmade with quality natural ingredients so you can maximize the benefits, increase productivity, and perform better in your stressful routine. The fresh pack is available to provide you with a fresh and distinctive fragrance and massage every day without disturbing your daily routine. It’s not tested on animals.

Direction of Use

  • Apply a few drops to your hand and gently rub your hands to warm the oil. 
  • Use Fingertips to spread it throughout the body so the skin can soak it easily. 
  • Apply on the joints and muscles for soothing muscles and relaxing effects. 

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