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Premium Perfumes Family Gift Box - 90ml

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A complete set of 3 Premium Spray (Euphoria, Amore, and Rendezvous) Perfumes for Men and Women adds excitement and joy to your festive season. Euphoria, Ideal for Men - Mysterious and appealing fragrance. Amore, Ideal for Women - Inspired by sensuality, femininity, affection, and admiration, Amore reflects the modern woman - confident and unforgettable. Rendezvous - a floral aromatic fragrance for men and women.

Euphoria :-This Exotic fragrance occupies the freshness of spike Lavender. The unique blend contains floral extracts which long leave you in real Euphoria setting a new language of love in captivating fresh and irresistible fragrance for men.
Amore :- Magically evocative notes of this perfume awaken your deepest Feminine senses, giving you the impression of living a life in your own secret garden.
The Unique blend of Cedarwood with a touch of citrusy, Spicy, and Floral touch leaves you in complete ecstasy.
Rendezvous :- Musky, Woody, Spicy with a Tinge of citrus makes it the most lovable fragrance. This ultimate blend offers a scent that is equally delicate as well as bold, leaving you tantalized at heart.

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