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Rendezvous Spray Perfume – 30ml

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Product in General 

Pleasing fragrance, freshness, and long-lasting results are three main features of our perfumes. Now say goodbye to bad body odor and get Rendezvous Perfume from Holistic Healings by Shaveta.

Ingredients and Their Benefits

The rendezvous perfume has a musky, woody, spicy scent with a tinge of citrus, making it a long-lasting and loving fragrance. Citrus is widely used for antioxidant protection, eliminating germs, and boosting mood. 

Key Features

  • Rendezvous Perfume is best known for its awesome fragrance and long-lasting effects. 
  • Pure spicy and woody extracts are added with a tinge of citrus to make the fragrance bold and tantalized. 
  • It is a perfect skin-friendly and hair-friendly solution.
  • Just 2-3 sprays are enough to make you feel fresh and energetic.
  • Citrus is a famous for antioxidant property and eliminating germs.

Direction of Use

  • Keep the bottle 3-4 inches away while spraying.
  • Spray under the areas vulnerable to sweat like under knees, shoulders, wrists, arms, etc. 
  • Spray into the air and walk in the cloud so hair can retain the aroma.

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