Holistic Healings By Shaveta

Redolence Creme Perfume – 15gm

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Product in General 

Long-lasting Scent of Holistic Healings by Shaveta Redolence Creme Perfume’s soft fragrance of Rajanigandha spreads radiating and relaxing energy. The aroma dominates the fragrance wherever you go. Use all the packs and stay active and relaxed throughout the week. Say goodbye to bad body odor with the benefits of Cera Alba, Pure Almond oil, and Vitamin E. Rock any event with a distinctive fragrance and healthy skin.
Moreover, it comes in mobile and portable packaging, making it easy to carry along with you while you’re traveling, enjoying a party, arranging an official meet-up, or attending a corporate event.

All-in-one use cases and benefits make it an ideal gifting choice for the festival season for your family, friends, and loved ones. We can assure you’ll collect compliments. Above all, it’s handmade, natural, and eco-friendly.


Ingredients and Their Benefits

The creme perfume is good for the skin and has natural oils, Rajanigandha, and Vitamin E. Skin-friendly Vitamin E is good for the skin as its natural oils keep the skin healthy from various skin impurities and Rajanigandha keeps the bad odor away. Since all the nutrients are obtained naturally instead of infusing artificially, there are no side effects. Use the distinctive flavors of Holistic Healings by Shaveta Redolence Creme Perfume sourced directly from areas with oxygen-rich areas and experience holistic healings at its best.

Key Features

Improves Skin Health with Natural Ingredients: The crème contains Cera Alba, Pure Almond oil, Vitamin E, and natural plant extracts with the essence of Rajanigandha. All the elements are added in a perfect manner to minimize the use of artificial chemicals and maximize the use of natural components. Skin-friendly Vitamin E promotes skin health.

Vitamin-E and Almond oil: The skin will soak fragrance and may help in relaxing the brain just after applying it. Vitamin E and almond oil are key ingredients that help to make your skin looks healthy and clean. Vitamin E develops a defensive layer against the UV ray’s damage to your skin and safeguards your skin in harsh environmental conditions. While Almond oil improves complexion and skin tone.

Dominate Any Aroma with Rajanigandha: The scent is perfect for boosting your confidence in any public event. Apply the crème perfume on sweat-vulnerable areas and dominate any fragrance 24*7. A unique blend with rajanigandha aroma will help you to lean others toward you. Cera alba will help your skin to retain its natural moisture and make it really soft.

Gift and Get Compliments: Experience the Holistic Healings by Shaveta at its best with fresh packs. Available in multiple flavors to provide you with a fresh and distinctive fragrance every day. Send the best skin-friendly creme perfumes to your friends and family, and be ready to receive compliments.

Handmade, Natural, and Eco-Friendly: It is purely handmade and doesn’t involve any machine processing. It’s natural as made with natural plant extracts, and sourcing of such plants is done through pollution-free areas which makes it Eco-Friendly.

Direction of Use

  • Take a cotton swab or pad to hygienically apply the crème perfume.
  • Use your fingertips to spread the creme throughout the body so it gets applied equally. 
  • Apply the crème on the pulse points, such as elbows, knees, ears, neck, and wrists for long-lasting and effective results.

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