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Lavender Massage Oil – 100ml

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Product in General 

Natural Lavender bushes are used to infuse pure healing properties to make you feel stress and anxiety free. It also promotes good sleep. The oil can easily relax you so you can stay calm and spend time with your family. The distinctive aroma lets you keep the oil for a long time. Overall, the blend keeps you relaxed and pain-free when used topically.

Ingredients and Their Benefits

Patchouli and Rose directly promote the quality of the skin and ensure a relaxing scene around you while strengthening the muscles and tissues of the body. If you are a gym freak, then slowly, you’ll feel the relaxation in the muscles. The addition of Lavender keeps the skin healthy and is easily digested in small amounts improving immunity. Apply it at night for best use as your body can inherit and use the nutrients efficiently. The Next morning you’ll wake up as a fresh and happy person. 

Key Features

Made with Natural Ingredients: The massage oil is directly extracted from the fresh bushes of Sesame oil, patchouli, Rose, and Lavender essential oil. There are many testing phases to check the quality and nutrients of the elements infused. Regular massage of this pure oil may help to reduce pain and make you feel fresh from the core. 

Skin Care with Lavender & Patchouli: Lavender eliminates the typical smell of oils causing irritation, and Vitamin E is added to improve the health of skin cells for a better glow. Patchouli treats cracked skin and relieves anxiety and depression. Rose provides a distinctive fragrance so you can use it without getting bored of the fragrance. 

Keeps You Active and Relaxed: Lavender oil relaxes you and recharges you for the next day. It may also be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, it promotes good sleep and allows you to feel fresh and relaxed throughout your day.

Topical Application: The unique blend of lavender and sesame oil is effective to reduce pain when used topically. Some studies have shown that the massage with Sesame oil helped to reduce arm and leg pain. For better results, apply it over the affected body part and leave it for some time.

Handmade, Cruelty-Free, and Eco-Friendly: The product is handmade with quality natural ingredients so you can maximize the benefits, increase productivity, and perform better in your stressful routine. The fresh pack is available to provide you with a fresh and distinctive fragrance and massage every day without disturbing your daily routine. It’s not tested on animals.

Direction of Use

  • Apply a few drops to your hand and rub your hands together to warm the oil gently. 
  • Apply the oil throughout the body using your fingertips. This way, the skin will soak it easily. 
  • Apply on the joints and muscles for soothing muscles and relaxing effects. 

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