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Euphoria Spray Perfume – 30ml

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Product in General

The unique blend contains floral extracts which long leave you in real. Euphoria sets a new language of love in a captivating fresh and irresistible fragrance for men. Enjoy natural and lavender-based floral extracts spray with long-lasting and skin-friendly effects. Make everyone feel the new language of love even in tough conditions. Lavender promotes calmness, relaxation, and mindfulness. Keep you stay motivated and confident throughout your day. A must fragrance for strong men.

Moreover, it comes in mobile and portable packaging, making it easy to carry along with you wherever you go. Be it any party or any corporate event, with this perfume, you can easily attract your friends, relatives, and coworkers and impress them with your style. 

All the above all-in-one use cases and benefits make it an ideal gifting choice. So, wrap it inside a Gift box and send it to someone close to your heart, and we can assure you that you will recommend holistic healings by shaveta euphoria perfume to many of your loved ones.  Above all, it’s handmade, natural, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

Ingredients and Their Benefits

The Euphoria Perfume has Lavender floral extract as a base which is skin-friendly and hair-friendly. Lavender is known for neutralizing body odor even in tough conditions. Just 2-4 sprays are enough to make you smell good for the day. 

Key Features

  • Exotic Fragrance: A super sexy perfume known for its unique blend having floral extracts leaving you in real euphoria with a sweet language of love.  Euphoria exotic fragrance possesses freshness of spike lavender and excellent fragrance. Spray under the sweat vulnerable areas for long-lasting bad odor neutralizing effects and spreading the aroma to impress people.
  • Lavender and Floral Extract: Lavender and floral extracts are added for natural and long-lasting freshness. Lavender is a perfect natural ingredient for establishing peace of mind with a relaxing scent. Try it once and we are sure that you will use it every day for compliments.
  • Boost Your Confidence: The scent is perfect to boost your confidence in any public event. Choose your dress and spray the scent all over your body to dominate any fragrance 24*7. The perfect blend of oil cleans the skin, keeps the sweat away, and fills the skin with fresh extracts of natural Lavender.
  • Skin & Hair Friendly: It is a perfect skin-friendly and hair-friendly solution specially designed by using natural extracts. Since lavender is known for its anti-stress and calming properties, the euphoria makes you stay motivated all day long, and don’t let the sweat make you smell bad.
  • Handmade, Natural, and Eco-Friendly: The product is purely handmade and doesn’t involve any machine processing. It’s natural as made with natural plant extracts, and sourcing of such plants is done through pollution-free areas which makes it Eco-Friendly

Direction of Use

  • Keep the bottle 3-4 inches away while spraying.
  • 2 to 4 Sprays are enough for one go for a long-lasting fragrance experience. 
  • Spray under the areas vulnerable to sweat like under knees, shoulders, wrists, arms, ears, neck, etc. 
  • Spray into the air and walk in the cloud so hair can retain the aroma.

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