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Cares Body Butter – 50gm

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Product in General 

The pleasing scent, freshness, and long-lasting results are key features of our Holistic Healings by Shaveta Cares Body Butter. Now soothe your skin with all-natural ingredients like Lavender Essential oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Almond Oil, and Shea butter oil sourced directly from the fresh gardens and give your skin a clean, moisturized, glowing, and younger-looking appearance.

Moreover, it comes in mobile and portable packaging, making it easy to carry along with you while you’re traveling, enjoying a party, arranging an official meet-up, or attending a corporate event.

All-in-one use cases and benefits make it an ideal gifting choice for the festival season for your family, friends, and loved ones. We can assure you’ll collect compliments. Above all, it’s handmade, natural, and eco-friendly.

Ingredients and Their Benefits

The Cares Body Butter mixture is good for skin health and reduces inflammation. With nutrition-rich ingredients like Almond oil, Shea butter oil, Aloe Vera gel, and Lavender oil, your skin is protected 24x7. We make sure we use all-natural ingredients while preparing the products and keep the whole process natural. Almond oil and Shea butter may help you to retain the moisture of your skin. Aloe Vera gel is antioxidant-rich which may benefit your skin at multiple levels to make it clean, acne-free, and glowing. Use fresh packs directly sourced from the oxygen-rich areas and experience holistic healings at its best.

Key Features

Get Smooth Skin: Cares body butter solution has the ingredients naturally derived from the shea butter-infused lotus essential oil. The combination helps you reduce fine lines and improve the glow of the skin. Regular use of this product protects your skin against dust particles so you can rise and shine.

Relaxing Fragrance: Body butter doesn’t behave like traditional oil leaving a pungent smell that causes irritation to the people around you. We’ve handpicked Lavender plants for the best results and natural fragrance. You can inhale the fragrance without a doubt, as we don’t use artificial chemicals. This is a perfect therapy to make your skin glow and relax your mind.

Soothes Skin with Shea Butter: Shea butter boosts skin moisture, handles humid conditions, and helps reduce acne. Due to the presence of several fatty acids, It also works as an agent to hydrate and softens the skin. Shea butter is anti-oxidant rich which makes it an ideal ingredient for an anti-aging agent as it may leave a younger-looking skin after use.

Natural Gifting Pack: With our efficient testing practices, we make sure you only experience natural holistic healings. You can buy this for your own use or gift it to your loved ones. We make sure you can gift our products to your family members and friends and get tons of compliments.

Handmade, Natural, and Eco-Friendly: It is purely handmade and doesn’t involve any machine processing. It’s natural as made with natural plant extracts, and sourcing of such plants is done through pollution-free areas which makes it Eco-Friendly

Direction of Use

  • Apply a few drops gently after the bath.
  • After a bath, pat dries your body and take a little of Body Butter on your palm, rub it gently for soft and supple skin.
  • Target extra dry areas, cracked heals, and chapped lips for a magical experience.

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