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Bath Salt Aura Cleanser – 200gm

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Product in General

Bath salt is best known for its therapeutic benefits and cleanses the aura for the whole day. The blend protects your skin 24x7 even under challenging conditions.  

Ingredients and Their Benefits

The bath salt has the essence of Rose, Lavender, sea salt, and sandalwood making it a combination of all the benefits. The blend contributes toward a positive mindset and dominates the ambiance wherever you go.

The sea salt keeps the bacteria and fungus away from the skin, making it look good. 

Key Features

  • Pure essential bath salt Aura Cleanser is best known for stress relieving benefits and makes the skin smooth. 
  • The bath salt has overall anti-bacterial properties preventing bacteria growth and improving glow. 
  • Use the mixture in a regular bath only and remove negative energy and establish a work culture with a positive mindset.
  • The mixture is a combination of Rose, Sandalwood, and sea salt.
  • Sandalwood helps in removing Tan and keeps you protected from the harmful rays. 

Direction of Use

  • Fill the bucket with lukewarm water and add two spoons of the mixture to it and take it as a regular bath. Use the full mixture in the bathtub and enjoy the dips. 
  • After the bath, take one tablespoon in hand and rub all over your body, excluding the head and face, for long-lasting effects. 
  • Let your body soak this for two minutes and remove all the negative energies.


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